Monday, December 28, 2009

Now this is interesting....

I haven't gained an ounce over the past few days. And that includes tying on the feedbag at a dinner party, having Chinese food one night AND delving into a ginormous bag of Lay's potato chips! (had help with that one!) So, I am thinking that there could be something to this sleep and body type business, because we did sleep a lot. I feel really rested, and quite content.

Although the scale is not dropping from all my debauchery, I am beginning to see a possible reason why I gain so easily. As I said before, the Doc told me I have too much cortisol. I have always been on a diet, and I have always had a weight problem. After reading the "body type" diet thing, and finding my body shape? The main culprit for me is stress, which produces the cortisol, which packs on the fat...and it also explains why I gained ten pounds after going to physio for four hours a day for six weeks years ago! The theory is this. Adrenal types (me) have bodies that are stressed by diet and exercise, and react by NOT losing weight but gaining it! The body goes into overdrive on the cortisol production. Ah ha! If this is true, it could explain a lot of when I am really, really, really focused on food and exercise, that scale doesn't budge.

I was shocked every morning this past week to wake up to the exact numbers on the scale, no matter what my perceived "sins" were. (When faced with an unbelievable buffet? I kept to 3 oz of white turkey, 2 T cranberry sauce, 1/3 cup of whipped potatoes, 1 spoon of coleslaw and a small cabbage roll. Seconds for me, was another 1/3 cup of potatoes and another cabbage roll. My big delve into sweets, was four oatmeal balls.(how nice to have something gluten free on the table!)

In preparation for the main meal, I had a small breakfast and just nibbled a pickle and a bit of garlic sausage and cheese as I prepared snacks to take. I would think that was about 200 calories at the most. Breakfast that day was oatmeal and milk. Anyway, that was a good load of food for me, and I didn't gain an ounce! Go figure.

Today's menu:

Toasted English Muffin (GF) with 2 slices of bacon (80 cal) 1 tsp of butter (cooking and spreading) a slice of Kraft plastic cheese and an egg. Hmmm Egg McMuffin without the Mc!

Lunch: I just finished breakfast!

Supper: 2 servings of Lay's plain potato chips and 2 servings of chocolate covered almonds - with sparkling flavoured water. Hey, that item bit was okay!

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