Monday, June 14, 2010

Who says you can't have dessert at breakfast time?

With duster in hand, I was caught by the internet while tidying my desk! I have been online researching hotels in Ft. Lauderdale for our trip this winter...anyone have recommendations they would like to share? We booked our cruise this morning, and I AM SO EXCITED! When they refer to a cruise as a floating feast? I totally agree. The food was amazing. I hate buffets, and only one time did we find ourselves desperate enough to tackle the huge amount of food spread out. My option that day was fruit and cottage cheese...a winning combo in the tropical heat. I do so much better when I am given a tablecloth, someone else to do the fetching and a limited choice. Quality has always meant more to me than quantity. I like suits and ties - not on me, of course, but I am sure you get what I mean! So, the idea of a freestyle cruise does not appeal to me at all. ANYWAY I found that with a structured meal time, I felt top of my game the whole trip - we did a fair amount of walking in the ports, but this year, I think we will "sit a few out" - while everyone else is out gallavanting, we will have the pool to ourselves. Although a beach experience would work out well....So, for now? Back to reality:

Breakfast: two egg omelet with mushrooms and 20 gms of cheese. Skim milk and coffee with a dish of stewed rhubarb from our garden for 'dessert'.

Lunch: Sigh. Skipped it again. Still not hungry.

Supper: to be determined. Fish and there is something I can always enjoy! Ended up with a Glutino Spinach pizza with a Fresca.

Snacks: two oranges, crackers, cheese & pickles, little bag of Cheetos AND a big Turk bar. See what happens when you skip meals?

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