Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Something to look forward to....

Another cruise in January! Whoot!

This time it is eleven days, with five days in Florida before we set sail and one more after we disembark. I can hardly wait! But, it does mean tightening our belts around here, since I am sure you have deduced, we aren't known for living off our trust funds! With that in mind, my mission is to save whatever I can, wherever I can. Frugality rules for the next six months. Hmmm that is approximately a month per star! LOL The food budget is always the first place to start, as I do have a tendency to keep far too large an inventory "just in case", and can make do with far less than I buy. Eating down the frig and freezer will be high on my priority list. There should be some pretty interesting menus in the next few months! Of course, there are all the orders that must be placed for clothing...one can not start shopping too soon! If I were to be sensible, the one thing that I do need is a pair of all purpose, really comfortable walking sandals. But a few evening dresses are also on the list. The last event we had to go to, I went to my closet and found far too many of my evening clothes were just too big for me. Some I had never even worn. That hurt, let me tell you, but the pain was soon overcome by the joy of realizing that I have shrunk quite a bit over the last months!

Breakfast: two egg omelet with mushrooms, mango salsa and 25 gms of cheese, skim milk, stewed rhubarb
Lunch: 3 gluten free crackers with butter, sweet mix pickles and more cheese! (2 oz) Oh no!

Supper:Glutino GF spinach pizza....I was too lazy to make supper, and the man can heat a fine frozen pizza!

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