Friday, June 4, 2010


Breakfast: This morning, I had the bright idea that I should make fried potatoes to go with my eggs. Well, may as well have a couple slices of bacon, too. The outcome? I have felt nauseous all day.

Lunch: skipped

Supper: a cup of cherries

Snackage at 9:30: a banana and an orange

I guess my system is just not used to heavy meals. But every once in awhile, I just have to push the envelope to see if I still react the same! Looks like I will be eating "raw" for the next day or two, until my system clears. It will be easy to prepare my meals, and cleanup will be a breeze. I just hope that my body gets the memo that this isn't a permanant arrangement, and doesn't shut down in anticipation of another famine!

On the good news side of the page, hubby's company straightened out the problem with the drug plan (he was counted as single, and I couldn't get my meds) so I can pick up my prescriptions tonight. It feels so good to exist on file!

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