Thursday, June 3, 2010

The upside of blogging....

every bite for all the world to see, is that you sure see what your food intake patterns are over time. Lately, the scales have been sliding ever downward, and yet? I have been eating more than usual. It has taken time, but I am getting it. The doc was right. I really do need to eat more. My blood sugars are remaining level too. That is just so bizarre, that it is scary. You go through life existing on toothpick floats, and then at this late date, you find out you could have had all sorts of good things without gaining! My loss is slow, but steady. I seem to drop, then maintain, then drop again. It has taken me a long time to lose fifty pounds, but thank goodness it is finally starting to show! The nice thing about taking time to lose, is that you become comfortable in your own skin as you go along - now that people are noticing the loss? I find it not so uncomfortable. It is just how things are now. I eat. I lose. Now for today's food. I dusted off the camera, because this mornings omelet was a beauty. You can't see the veggies but they are in there! The salsa on the side is 15 calories for two tablespoons....I didn't bother measureing, but it was two heaping teaspoons. Definitely worth the flavour jump! There is a teaspoon of corn relish dotting the top of the omelet...that stuff is loaded with calories so a single teaspoon is about all I was willing to "buy" with my day's calories!

Menu for Thursday
Breakfast: two egg omelet, skim milk, mushrooms

Lunch: cherries

Supper: fish topped with a light curry cream sauce (higgelty piggelty sauce with peas, diced carrots) with small steamed potatoes. This is one of my favourite meals, first eaten in Germany and never to be forgotten! It occured to me that there is likely a lot less calories and fat in this dish, cream and all, than there would be in a fast food burger. For 1/4 cup of whipping cream, the calorie count is 205 calories, and fat comes in at 22g. As this dish likely has less than 1/4 cup of cream in it, it is a real bargain when you pair it with a 120 cal piece of fish and 1/2 cup of peas and carrots. The little potatoes were also a healthy treat - the bag stated that five little potatoes were 80 calories and zero fat. All in all? I loved this supper! I am trying not to add too much salt to things, but just a little was needed to bring out the sweetness of the cream.

As an appetizer, I had three of my gluten free breadsticks and a dab of butter. I feel like I have eaten like a queen! If only I could present this dish a little looks a bit "sloppy" but ohhhhh the taste!

Now, moving on....When grocery shopping, I have always been self concious of any "contraband" that was in my cart, whether it be Pizza Pops for my son, or cookies for us all. The other day, when I was filling up the buggy? I looked down to see all sorts of "evil" foods, and didn't blink an eye. Everything in moderation. There will always be negative people, but I do not need their presence, let alone their opinions!

On that note, I finally told off an acquaintance that always referred to me as "obeast" - really, she was that stupid! Anyway, I always felt sorry for her because she didn't have friends. It finally dawned on me, that there were definite reasons that she didn't! I have not only closed the door on the friendship, I've locked it. I realised that we have nothing in common, and what I thought was a friendship, was not. I find her judgmental and hurtful nature to difficult to deal with. I wish her well and no harm, but I cannot count her as my friend any more. There are wonderful positive people in my life, and no time to spend with downers! Maybe this is why people try to keep you fat and jolly? So you have patience for their bad behaviour? Who knows! But every day I seem to be getting healthier and stronger, and very less likely to put up with nonsense from people. I guess when you hear that so and so changed when she lost weight, this is likely the cause! The friends I have that are truly friends, have gotten better over the years, no matter what their weight or mine may be. Toxic people never want to see you happy, and so enjoy planting seeds of discontent. Well, mixing metaphors here? Take a hike and stop raining on my parade!

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