Sunday, June 6, 2010

Beautiful day!

First thing this morning, I went outside and deadheaded all of my flowers. Nothing like a little carnage in the morning to get you going, is there? I have no idea how you are supposed to tend to hanging baskets, to keep them nice and full...I am clipping back the stems in the hope that will do the trick. But I do have a black thumb, so I hope no one expects too much of me! The irises are in full show in the back corner. Now that is my kinda flower. It just does what it does every year, without any direction from me at all, as do the hostas. When we first moved in, I planted only perennials year, after year. Finally, I discovered why they weren't coming back. Hubby was ripping them up every fall. Now, the ones that made it through the learning curve are doing beautifully!

This morning's breakfast will be a fruit smoothie, which in my kitchen, consists of a cup of frozen berries with a yogurt cup, skim milk and a splash of orange juice. Simple, and a real treat for an early Sunday morning.

6 large strawberries, frozen
3/4 cup orange juice
1 Activia yogurt, strawberry flavoured
sugar twin

Lunch: 17 oven fries, 2 eggs, ketchup, Mozzarella cheese

Snack: two gluten free crackers, 1.5 oz of Havarti cheese, 2 Vlasic pickles

Supper: egg salad on a GF hotdog bun, 9 chocolate covered almonds and a glass of skim milk

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