Thursday, June 10, 2010


Well, two of the three dresses I ordered from QVC arrived yesterday. The violet one has a hood. Details on the black one don't show, but there is a banded neckline and trim at the empire waist, with a tie. I was sorry to return a red polo style that was a horrid shade of red, but the two that I did like? Cute, cute, cute! And I don't usually do cute! These will be so easy to toss on during the heat of summer, and as my weight goes down? Will be perfect for wearing around the house. Spurred on by that success, I ordered a couple of peasant dresses this morning, and a pair of Capri's in a size down. It will be difficult to find white Capri's in the fall before going on the cruise in January, and best be prepared. the ones I have now, are comfy and just plain baggy. They fit very well fresh out of the dryer - it is just after I sit down for a minute that they stretch into the "too big" category! Definitely time to buy new ones.

Now, for today's menu:

Breakfast: 1 1/2 egg omelet, 1 strawberry smoothie, three pieces of bacon

Lunch: not on your life! I am stuffed!

Supper: corn pasta, spaghetti sauce, Caesar salad and a Big Turk for dessert.

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