Thursday, June 17, 2010

Everything on my mind but food!

Finally! Our family's schedules came together, and we were able to make arrangements for a fun in the sun vacation together. Two weeks of solid baby time in sunny Mexico the first two weeks of November. I still can't believe it is actually happening! It seems so far away now, yet I know the time will pass in a blink. Obsessing over packing lists does make the time fly!

I was online most of today, scouting out different times and places, so food definitely took a back seat. ANOTHER spinach pizza saved the day. I am beginning to look at Glutino much like kibble for people. I do have a chicken thawing for tomorrow, so the menu will be more exciting, I promise.

Breakfast: GF English muffin, cheese whiz, two poached eggs, skim milk
Lunch: a carrot muffin and a rhubarb muffin, warm from the oven with butter and skim milk
Supper: Glutino Spinach pizza, rhubarb muffin and skim milk
Snack: small bag of Lay's plain chips

I must up the veggies tomorrow to make up for this weeks limited intake!

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