Saturday, June 5, 2010

At the crack of dawn...

I was up and getting ready for a little shopping at Shoppers Drug Mart. First order of the day was breakfast. This morning, it was scrambled eggs and mango salsa.
It was a good day to use my points, and use them I did! I bought two of my Chanel perfumes, Allure and Chanel No.5 plus a few other goodies!

It worked out to a grand total of thirty-five dollars for 300 dollars worth of goodies. Plus a bonus gift! Needless to say, I also stocked up a bit on my favourite night cream, bought a new Smashbox eyeliner brush, and a new mascara. Amazing how quickly you can burn through that amount when it isn't real money you are spending! I also found a new cream blush that I have been looking for for ages. Nice neutral pink in a tiny container, which will be easy to travel with. No brush required! Gotta love this lady stuff!

Next? I dropped in on my dear friend for coffee. She, of course, was in the shower. so I commandeered a cuppa java from her hubby and happily waited for her! I loved catching her unawares for a change..she usually catches me in my nightie, but at three in the afternoon! We had a good gab, a second cup of coffee and then I went merrily on my way to the grocery store. Being in a rather frivolous mood, I bought "Big Turk Bites".
Now, whoever thought of this concept, deserves a prize of some sort! A bag of little bars that are so fresh and tasty that you have to have more than one, but it works out to less calories than a whole bar would be. So, lunch today? You guessed it! Five Big Turk Bites. (120 calories) No. Make that ten. I just got hungry thinking about them! Yes. Chocolate is a meal replacement!

Supper: GF perogies, onion, sour cream and European wieners. Oh. I did it again. But it was soooooooooooooo good! One plate of this goodness was 900 calories. I didn't realize that the perogies were "priced" by the ounce, not the actual perogie. When I did the math, I am sure the scream was heard around the world. I do have points left over for the week though, so no harm done. It will be interesting to see what the scales say in the morning.

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