Friday, June 25, 2010


to be home again...

I love shopping in Regina! It seems so ironic that I live in a bigger city, but never seem to be able to find anything in the stores here. I think there is more competition for what I want to buy here. For instance? I found a great summer dress for travel, and a couple of nighties that I sorely needed by visiting just one store. Shopping here requires running from one end of the city to the other! Come next wash day, there will be a lot of sad and sorry clothing getting kicked to the curb to make room for the new. It was a great feeling to try on clothing and find that I needed a smaller size. Victory!

I arrived home to find several things that I had ordered, had arrived. There was a great sale on PUR mineral powder, so I now have at least a years supply of the stuff! The purple sundress and navy peasant dress will be good for the treks south this year. I am awaiting the delivery of white patent sandals that will complete the list of "must haves" for summer. Now, if they only fit! When these dresses are too large for "going out", they will make great at home clothes, as they are comfy, comfy, comfy. A bit on the dressy side for floor scrubbing, but hey, Cinderella had her good days too!

We had the most wonderful prime rib at my dear friend's on was so good that we returned on Tuesday for the leftovers! I have never, ever had such tasty beef in my life! Enjoyed every single bite of it... And there were plenty of bites. Of course, the side dishes were pretty amazing as well. Lebanese stuffed grape leaves. MMMMMM nummy! A mixed vegetable salad, and mashed potatoes that were like creamy clouds! I could fit in only a bite of dessert - orange sorbet. How could I resist?

Of course, lured into a false sense of security, I proceeded to eat soup at a restaurant and get sick as a dog. After being assured that everything was gluten free. Sometimes I wonder about the people working in kitchens. "Oh, no, there isn't any gluten in the soup...." and then they put crackers on the plate? What do they think crackers contain and why would I want them? I think one of the ingredients of the soup had gluten, and they just didn't clue in to it. Anyway, lesson learned. Sure won't eat at Brewster's again! This is the second time I have been sick from their food. Ah well. Whine, whine, whine!

We are home for a solid three weeks. Can you believe it? It is almost too good to be true! I am planning my meals for next week on Saturday...what a luxury to have all of this time to plan ahead. The cornerstone of my plan, is to use up as much "freezer food" as I can, and to buy fresh things to fill out the menus.

Food today was:

Breakfast: milk, orange juice, two eggs, bacon
Lunch: pork chop, half of a baked potato, small spoon of corn
Supper: Chicken chow mien (the kind with bean sprouts...mmmm good!), chicken and almonds, and beef with broccoli. Yep. Chinese food is my weakness!
Snack: Big Turk Bar

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