Thursday, May 1, 2008

Yesterday's supper

did not go as planned...typical of me! The problem was, that I found a new receipe for pasta that I had to try...basically, it was broiled sliced onions and those tiny tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, a bit of Canadian Bacon and a couple of eggs tossed with fusilli pasta. Turned out to be a hit. I hadn't counted on my son coming for dinner tonight, and of course what does he love? Pasta! So, spaghetti and Caesar salad it is! I am not a great fan of pasta (I wonder if cooking it constantly for the kid had anything to do with that?) but I really don't mind it now. Of course the whole wheat and extra fibre pastas seem to be much more flavourful to me, so there is a roughage bonus, too. I still don't enjoy huge portions, but with a good salad, I must admit it is yummy!

Today's Menu

Breakfast: 2 eggs, 2 Oat Hull Fibre bread, toasted, 2 tsp butter, 8 oz skim milk, coffee (9)
Lunch: Smoked turkey sandwich, soup (5)
Supper: whole wheat pasta, sauce made with ground bison and lots of veggies, Caesar salad (lazy me, I use store bought dressing thinned down with vinegar) and apple crumble for dessert, if I get it made!(gotta love Splenda!)10

Snacks: oranges as needed!

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