Wednesday, May 14, 2008

And out it goes!

Today I will spend the day trying on every single garment in my closet. I am tired of draggy pants, and too long skirts. If it doesn't fit comfortably and SNUGLY out it goes. I am reticent to throw out clothing, as it is very hard to come by....especially shoes. But today? I am in the mood to toss with wild abandon. It has to go sometime, and today is the day.

If I am left with three outfits, and they look good? I am happy. I am not much of a shopper, so I need the motivation. After fifty seven years on the planet, I have learned that clothing does not come back into style. I have an acquaintance that is a glaring example of that fact. The eighties don't care if she bought that suit at Holt's and paid a fortune for it...they want their shoulder pads back! When fashion recycles, it is always with a twist. So, are we not worth a few outfits a year? I am beginning to think so. As long as I have clothing in the closet, there is no need to shop. If I don't shop? I look dowdy. The solution was obvious to the rest of the universe, and obviously escaped me for many years. So out it goes today!

Breakfast: eggs, toast, butter, skim milk
Lunch: salmon sandwich (wild sockeye with a bit of Miracle Whip, Oat Hull Bread)
Supper: baked fish, in parchment paper with onions and peppers, rice
Snack: oranges

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