Thursday, May 15, 2008

Closet is done....

And so am I! My head hurts when I have to make decisions to toss clothing - it isn't easy to come by, and most of my clothes come from shopping while we are away, so when other people have glass fish for souvenirs of Hawaii? I have clothing! I can tell myself a million times "If you don't wear it anyway, what good does it do to hang it in your closet?" but in my heart of hearts? I could swear that I will never find another one, ever, anywhere.

To make it easier to part with unsuitable things (that I know I didn't toss today, on the off chance that I would wear the garments eventually) I think it would be prudent to just toss things when I am trying to get ready to go out and they end up tossed on the bed, and not on my back! Sure beats hanging them back in the closet thinking that magically they will look better another day. It hasn't worked so far, so what are the chances the future will hold anything different?

A nice hot bath, and off to bed I go. I have four points left to dispose of before I hit the hay, so I guess I will eat oranges and some Wasa crispbread for a snack. I love the Fibre Wasa...very tasty indeed, and only 35 calories each. Gives me the crunch I desperately need in my food! I can live without sweets, and I can live without booze, but crunch? Puhlease! But the crunch doesn't have to come from taco chips when there are healthy alternatives like Wasa..... Mind you, it would be so easy to chomp down on 3 points worth of taco chips right me all sorts of labour in the kitchen cutting up those oranges!

Thursday's Menu:

Breakfast: eggs, toast & butter, milk - yes, I love my breakfast! Tried going with cereal, and it was definitely a trigger food for me. I was hungry for starch all day long.

Lunch: Tuna sandwich

Supper: Depends what I buy at the grocery store, because the frig is bare! I have a hankering for a bit of chicken though...with potatoes in the oven...yep. That is what I will do! Broccoli and carrots for the veg.

Snack: oranges

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