Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Scary bathroom noises.....

I just heard "I LOVE takin' things apart". Would much rather hear "I LOVE putting things back together!". OH OH

The bathrooms are well under way, but my nerves are shot. I hate confusion and disorder, so I am trying to stay calm, and out of the way. I have all the stuff from the bathrooms piled on my bed, for me to sort, and purge. This project seems like too much for us, and I don't know who had this cockamamie idea in the first place. Oh yeah. Me.....

So, without water, our meals have been pretty good, if I do say so myself. I used the "Griddler" - my new Cuisinart toy - to make lunch. Ham, Swiss, tomato sandwiches with grilled onions. MMMM good. But the low cal bread, did get pretty squished. But, it was like a tortilla, so still good.

Tonight, I am going to make whole wheat pasta and a roasted pork tenderloin for supper. (an old people's roast, ready in 20 minutes!) A nice marinara sauce, with peppers and mushrooms, complimented by a Caesar salad. MMMM good. I find that pasta really satisfies the appetite, if you have it with meat. If not? It just doesn't have the staying power! And garlic is the gift that keeps on giving in a salad!

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