Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Breakfast: eggs, toast & butter, skim milk

Lunch: Salmon on Oat Hull Bread, Miracle Whip

Supper: 3oz pork tenderloin, baked baby potatoes, tiny green peas & gravy

Snack: grapes, goldfish, toast & peanut butter

I am deep cleaning the house, one room at a time while hubby is away. Contrary to popular opinion, I love putting the house in order! Today, I finished up the master bedroom...the final few drawers are now fitted with new organizers that I found at JYSK for a song. Gone are the boxes that used to house my undies, and in their place? Nifty little folding plastic ones that are uniform in size and colour! The bed is clean from top to bottom...or is that bottom to top? All that is left to do, is to wash the curtains, and finish scrubbing down the new bathroom. Then I can move on to my office. I have been working away at it today, as a lot of the stuff that was sitting around was "shrapnel" from the bathroom renos. It needs a thorough dusting and a good weeding out of the book shelves and files, too. I really do enjoy spending time doing this, so it isn't a hardship at all. I find that my mind wanders down all sorts of forgotten paths, and I make peace with my lot of life. Perhaps this is what is missing in our day and age...the time to polish, and reflect. The time goes by so quickly, that we just don't seem to really relish the here and now, what we have at the moment, until we polish it!

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