Thursday, May 29, 2008


Going without the processed meats actually gave me a loss on the scales this morning. Every ounce is a victory, in my opinion! I don't care if it is "JUST WATER!" it is a change in the right direction. I try not to obsess over the numbers, relying instead on how clothing fits at the moment. There have been a few garments that have hit the trash bag this week, and not one of them brought tears to my eyes!

Today's lunch was easy to make with the leftover pork tenderloin. I have been shorting my portions (unintentionally of course) so I am going to use the scale for absolutely every measurement for awhile. Who knew that three ounces of meat was so much in a sandwich! I am preparing chicken breasts both for supper and for tomorrow's lunch. One pan suppers really appeal to me...easy to clean up after, too. I use that SLIDE aluminum foil, and it is just lovely. Nothing ever burns, and it is easy to crumple the foil, and rinse the pan after supper.

Breakfast: Eggs & toast, butter & milk
Lunch: Pork tenderloin sandwich on Oat Hull bread, with Miracle Whip
Supper: Chicken breast, roasted potatoes and carrots
Snack: Veggies and dip, goldfish, three Orange Blossom Cookies

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