Sunday, May 18, 2008

Bathroom report...not what you may think!

The man is entering the final stretch with the bathrooms. Perhaps the final shift in weight is due to the extra exercise required to maintain basic sanitation under trying circumstances? Whatever, I appreciate the scales finally sliding down even a little bit.

The plumbing is now a thing of beauty. Gone are the rough looking connections that the builders deemed good enough, and instead? Shiny new chrome whatsits at every connection....I am sure I will appreciate that when I am on my hands and knees scrubbing the bathroom floor behind the toilet! Unfortunately, there isn't a sink or toilet attached to them in my bathroom, but soon, soon.... Our goal is to complete hubby's bathroom first, because we have all the little goodies we need purchased. For my bathroom, we have to find a medicine chest, a towel cupboard, new taps, towel bars, etc. That will take a bit of shopping, and I am not going to be rushed into buying something that I don't want. So, as long as there are the fixtures in place, I will be quite content to wait until the right things come along. I have blocked out a month for this project, and it looks like we will need it! I did find a perfect white to use in the house, though. Decorator White from Behr. I am not the painter in this relationship, Mr.Fussy is, and he swears by Behr...not at it! I love the soft shade. It is the colour of white cotton. It just works. At this stage of the game, that is all I am really concerned about...function!

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