Sunday, May 25, 2008

SHOES and what to do with them....

Rick came home from Flin Flon today, and as he was passing Home Outfitters, he picked up a Shoe Pod. Now, what is a shoe pod, you may well ask? An amazing concept. Of course, I had to readjust the rods in my closet to accommodate it, but it is well worth it. It houses my highest heels easily, and the flattest flats. It is truly a product worth mentioning. He bought a white one, which is a good thing, because it is a bit brighter, and easier to find black shoes! I am planning on getting another one, to put in front of this one, so I can have "summer shoes" and "winter shoes" easily accessible. Things are gradually getting back to normal, but I wonder what the activity points for all this organizing could be? I am getting to the point where I just want things over with once and for all! Bathrooms, I have learned, are not the easiest rooms to dismantle and live without!

So, today's menu was awful. I had a major starch attack, so of course I indulged it. No point shushing the beast within. But thank goodness for those Flex points!

Breakfast: eggs, toast & butter, skim milk
Lunch: Liver sausage and olive sandwiches...yep, two of 'em. On that white Italiano bread...isn't this what started the starch thing?
Supper: PC White Cheddar Mac & Cheese

If you make the PC White Cheddar Mac & Cheese with half the butter, it is only 7.5 points for 1/3 of the box. Numm! I was out of beets, so I made do with a few pickled onions. For dessert (it is Sunday, after all) I had toast & peanut butter, and a slice of banana bread. Oh, my goodness. The snack this afternoon was grapes and turkey pepperoni. So, I am sure that I will be using all of my Flex points this week! Every once in awhile, you just have to jump the traces and eat this stuff...num...refined white flour. Nothing better. Do I want to eat it tomorrow? Not on your life. I need my plate of veggies and dip again! As much as I enjoyed the indulgences, I just don't feel so great internally - kinda gummed up, actually! Hopefully, we will have the bathrooms ready to completely move into tomorrow. Wouldn't that be a treat? I wonder what it will feel like to have a bath without staring at masking tape, or having to go into the bedroom to towel off and powder myself!

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