Saturday, May 24, 2008

Carpe Dium

I haven't spent any time on food prep, so as a result my menu changed a bit from the original plan. But this is how it went today:

Breakfast:eggs & toast, milk
Lunch: tomato sandwich & V8 juice (Italiano sesame seed bread, 1 T miracle whip)
Supper: 8 (blush) turkey pepperoni sticks and two oranges, (again that lovely bread) toast & peanut butter

Well within points, but not so good for someone who is gluten intolerant! I LOVE bread, and if I eat the Oat Hull stuff, it is just a vehicle. But this wondrous white fluff will cause major gastric difficulties. (I am on my own, but this skunk can definitely smell her own scent!) Sometimes you just have to break out of the traces and run free!

As for the house? I managed to get the coats organized, and all of the shoes are put to rights in the front hall closet. That leaves, still, a major puddling of shoes all over my floor in the bedroom. I must try them all on tomorrow and make some critical decisions. I am just in the mood to pare everything back to just what I need for today, not what I might need at some later date.

*"Live here and now" or "do not waste your time on triffles"

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