Tuesday, May 13, 2008


As you probably guessed, the renovations around here have taken all of our energy for the last few days. Hubby, of course subscribes to the thought that when the going gets tough, the tough get going. So, off to Red Lake yesterday morning he went! Considering all the socializing we did over the weekend, it is a miracle that as much got done as it did. We have a new functioning toilet, fresh paint, new tub, new vanity, but a small leak in the plumbing that has to be fixed before we can use the sink. (something to do with silicone gaskets vs. plumbers putty) The mirror needs to be hung, and the place where the medicine cabinet used to be needs to be patched (layers, don't you know) then it will be done We discovered it Monday morning, and hubby just didn't have time to fix it....I was amazed that he stayed up until three Sunday morning working away at it, as we do have functional plumbing downstairs. He worked like a Timex through all of this...just kept on ticking along. As for me? I am in charge of stuffing all of the goodies back into the bathrooms. A good purging of medicines was definitely due, so they now live in a very neat set of drawers in the linen cupboard.

I love the white we bought for the bathrooms, and soon-to-be woodwork. Decorator White. How simple is that one? This summer will hold a lot of changes for this house. We have never lived in a house for 12 years running before, so things need to be replaced. I wish the builders would use quality materials in the first place, so all of this wouldn't be necessary....'for want of a nail, the shoe was lost' line of thinking. I have no intention of losing the castle, so best fix things while we are able!

During all of this it is quite a challenge to stay on program. But I am managing to do so. One day we gave in to the lure of a Big Mac, but the Flex points looked after that one! Buying and preparing food isn't high on my list of priorities right now, so I am making pantry meals. This morning, I made a mushroom omlette, and last night I made poutine. Yep. Low-fat fries, home made gravy (low fat chicken stock seasoned with a bit of beef boullion powder and flour - no fat is necessary) and Swiss cheese cut into slivers to make it go further. It was nummy. And all legit, too!

Today? I have a closet to purge. Out with anything that doesn't look good, no matter how good it is! Time moves on, and so should I! They say that you need ten essential pieces to be well dressed. I wonder if I could pull those ten items from my closet? I wonder if the person that said that, helped pull toilets in their free time? I ordered a couple of organizers from the Shopping Channel to help with the closet...a hanging shoe bag and clips that allow you to hang items in an outfit. It is hungry business though, so now, I had better go and make a bite of lunch!

Breakfast: mushroom & onion two egg omlette with Swiss cheese, skim milk, Oat Hull toast and butter

Lunch: Chicken sandwich

Supper: Soup

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