Sunday, May 4, 2008

Saturday is Subway day!

The sub of the day, is ham and turkey...isn't that convenient? So, while we were out an about yesterday, where to go for lunch was a no-brainer! For five points what a treat - and I didn't have to cook a thing yesterday. We were invited to dinner, so I completely ignored the kitchen after breakfast.

We were out the whole day on a purchasing mission. This is the week that we had to buy supplies for the bathrooms. We have to get one more toilet today, as we just couldn't get another thing into the car. We found dark wood vanities with vessel sinks, and are going for the "Inn at the Forks" look! The mirrors have a glass shelf to hold a couple of decorative but useful things. Simple, simple, simple. I will have to find creative ways to store utilitarian things though, as we bought purely for style this time.

My dream has always been to be able to have one bag for my makeup, one for my skincare, and one for my haircare. I have tons of stuff at this point, and will be absolutely ruthless when cleaning out the old vanity! In my bathroom there will be a single glass shelf as well as the clear glass countertoop, so I want to have a couple of hinged lid baskets to store the utilitarian things in, on the shelf, without having to actually look at them as I wash my face. As for the counter top, I will do my best to keep it clear of everything but handsoap and lotion in decorative bottles. Enough of that though. The challenge will be keeping on program when my life is turned upside down for the next couple of weeks as the project turns into the usual nightmare!

Today? I have leftover spagetti sauce so pasta is on the books for tonight, with a great big side salad. I am on a real pasta kick..not because I love it, but man is it filling! A cup of pasta fills you right up, and the sauce is just about nothing.

Menu for Today
Breakfast: 2 eggs, 2 toast, 2 butter, skim milk, 1 T Cheez Whiz
Lunch: Surprise me
Supper: whole wheat spaghetti with bison tomato sauce
Snack: oranges

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