Friday, May 23, 2008

Today I discovered

Goldfish! These are tasty little critters, I must say. I have a tendency to walk by all sorts of goodies in the grocery store, but today, these Pepperidge farm treats just jumped out at me. Nummy!

Today, I made a mushroom omelet for breakfast, liver sausage and olive sandwiches for lunch...okay, it isn't for everybody, but I LOVE them! For supper, a baked piece of cod with baby potatoes and green peas. The goldfish made a nice snack...I still have some Flex points left over - amazing, since we have eaten out while doing the renovations. Maybe that is where the veggie cravings began, by not eating "real food" for supper.

Now, the updates on my projects? I have one bathroom organized, just waiting for the final "dressing". My bathroom has functioning fixtures, but nothing else. The mirror is waiting patiently in the living room, but I can't seem to find a light fixture that I like. The one in Rick's bathroom has four, hundred watt halogen is like walking into a spaceship!

Purging my shoes is an ongoing project - the majority of "keepers" are presently neatly arranged on the bedroom floor according to category. Since I found a store that sells amazing leather shoes in my size, I just don't have the need to keep the "almost right" category of footware. I did manage to toss out a few pairs of shoes yesterday, but obviously not enough. I only want to keep what fits, and looks great. Of all things, my feet are showing the weight loss. I am sure I will attract wolf whistles with my sized down toes. Construction workers will be unable to controll themselves at the sight of my shrunken toes, for sure. Sigh. Can't you just hear it? "Hey, Mac! Check out the little pigs on that one! Whooo HEEE now that is a woman!" As for the closet? The nifty little hooks that will allow me to hang garments together in outfits arrived today. At the moment, I have grouped like items together, but that doesn't seem to be the best way for me. I find myself staring at too many options when I am trying to get dressed for the day.

The nice thing about having some baggy clothes, is that you get a a much better quality of "at home" wear. What used to be my favourite going out capris are now my comfortable nap wear! After all these years, could I possibly break my 'nightie around the house' habit?

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