Saturday, May 17, 2008

Man + Fire + Meat = Good Eats

I actually showed a loss this morning of one whole pound! I am thrilled to see the scales move again! I went back an analyzed the week, to see if I did anything differently. I didn't. So, working the program does work, albeit slowly! Some days I am starving, and some days I don't eat all of my points....last night, for instance, I had seven remaining points, but I was just too tired to eat them. On other days? I eat a considerable portion of Flex points at one go! The nice thing about this plan, is knowing that you aren't doing anything wrong when you do that. It seems that if you follow your natural eating instincts, everything turns out all right. Why didn't I listen to my mother? One of the best things I can do for myself, is make an old fashioned know, meat, potatoes and a vegetable. When did that become passe? Now that it is barbeque season it will become even easier to do, because man + fire + meat = good eats!

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