Friday, May 16, 2008

Baby steps will get me there...........

My dream, has always been to have one makeup is right up there with having 36" hips...both equally unattainable at this point in life. However, I am making headway in both areas!

Yesterday, I spent the day purging all of my goodies, and putting them into things with like. I have a stash of new things, but that really doesn't count, does it? Anyway, I was able to put my basics into one large MAC bag, then filled the little MAC bag with duplicates of things needed for touchups for my purse. If I found it hard purging my clothing? This was so much worse. But really, if you don't use it, you don't need it. Bottom line. And it will make moving into my new bathroom (when and if!) so much easier. I know some women are able to carry everything they use in their purse. I could too, if I could lug a steamer trunk! Well, not really...just a regular suitcase would do now. It hurt me to toss those pretty cases that promised me instant glamour when I first saw them...but out they went. As they did, a firm resolve set in, to never overbuy again. Life is best lived one day at a time, with as few incumberances as possible. How easy it would be to have one makeup bag, and ten essential pieces of clothing! Think of how easy it would be to get all of your clothes ready for the week! Babysteps will get me there, just like babysteps will take care of the weight.

Speaking of which, I am still stuck. I have been following the program faithfully, but nothing seems to be shifting. It is frustrating. VERY frustrating. When others seem to be able to lose a pound a week, it takes me a month to accomplish that. They say that the diabetes drugs don't help things either, but there are worse things than being a little chubby...that is a direct quote from my DR who, incidentally, is a wonderful guy! When I first started taking the meds, I had to go back to him after three days. I had gained ten pounds. Ten POUNDS???? I looked at him, and just said "shoot me now". That is when he came out with this little gem, and he is right. I watch every crumb that goes into my mouth, don't stray from the path of WW but do I see results? Yes. Do I see them quickly? NO!!!

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