Sunday, September 2, 2007

Sunday? Already?

We are having a great long weekend...and it isn't over yet!

Yesterday, we had dinner guests, and today we had lunch at Pineridge Hollow ...everyone and their dog seemed to have the same idea because the place was packed. It is a lovely place to spend a summer's day. We called ahead for reservations, so the wait wasn't too long at all. Spinach soup was the soup of the day, and I just loved it. The cook there sure knows their way around a soup pot! I only had to dip into my weekly Flex points for five points or so, to cover today's "extras". I always assume that I am eating far too much when we go out. I miss my trusty scale, and the security of accurate measurements.

Hubby and I have taken to sharing our meals ...we switch plates quietly when we are "half done" our mutually agreed on choices, and I make sure that his half of things like fries is a lot bigger than my half! Today though, the lion's share of the spinach soup remained with me! Thank goodness he is a good sport, and not a fussy eater. Two in one family would just be one too many, don't you think?

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