Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Room Food

The PC ROAST BEEF that is 'ready in ten minutes' started tonight's dinner. Frozen baby veggies, and whole red potatoes accompanied the beef for a hearty homestyle dinner...all made in the microwave! The best part of all was that 1/4 of the roast and gravy was only six points. What a world we live in, where you can prepare a meal like this in minutes, compared to hours! I have tried the turkey breast and the pork loin roast as well, with equally good results. Not too salty, and sooooo tasty.

I wasn't able to weigh myself this week, but I am content to work the program and do the best I can, wherever I am. I will be home for ten days then off again to points west. That will be more of a challenge, as we are not sure of the "cooking" facilities in the hotel. Ah well. There is always "Subway"!

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