Thursday, September 6, 2007

Weigh In

Down another 1.6 pounds! Whoo hoo! *\o/* 14.6 total lost so far! It is just a drop in the bucket, but sure beats going up any further!

Today we will be rushing around like crazy to get ready for our trip north to see the kids. My bad, as I always leave the laundry to the last minute, and of course the shopping. We don't have to start home until next Friday, so I will have a whole week to visit with my darling daughter-in-love and son. Hubby and son have male bonding activities planned, one of which will be to play in a golf tournament together, so they will get up to all sorts of "no good" while ddil and I can catch up on all the goings on in our lives! We eat every meal together while we are up there, but since the 'old folks' snore really loudly it is kinder that we stay in a hotel at night!

Thank goodness staying on program won't be a problem this trip. It gets tricky when we have to eat in restaurants. For the moment? I am happy as a clam, doing laundry and making a Costco "gotta buy" list for this afternoon's shopping trip! Of all things, paper toweling tops the list, because it is super expensive up there...guess even though it is light, it takes up so much room on the truck or something.... So, to heck with flowers! We are toting toweling!

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