Monday, September 10, 2007

Monday - SNOW?????

After shopping for a bit this morning, I headed over to the kid's house for lunch. It is cold here, and of course, I don't have a coat with me. So, layers were the obvious solution. Two hoodies layered made a toasty warm jacket, but I think it might look a bit odd tomorrow night with a skirt! I am sure I will be forgiven by the general public though!

I found a 'new to me' broth ...Vegetarian Vegetable by Campbell's. (low sodium, of course, low fat) It was right by the chicken and beef broth. Has it always been there? At any rate, tomorrow morning I will whip up a pot for the worker bee's lunch. I rarely make "scratch" soups since I discovered these tetra pack marvels. An "all day" simmer flavour is available at a moments notice, so no wonder the grandmothers aren't rocking in their chairs anymore. They don't have to stay home to stir the soup!

The afternoon was spent curled up with a nice thick book "London" by Rutherford. I love to read about the details of daily life during times gone by, and this author can really paint a picture. The trouble is, that the book is so heavy, your arms get tired, and you are forced to have a power nap! An easy price to pay for such pleasure!

By the time I got online to total up my points tonight, I had consumed exactly what I was allotted for the day. So, I guess the 'points thing' does become second nature after all. We had the PC Blue Menu burgers for supper, and once again I was thrilled! We tried the new line of buns from Safeway, too, so for burger and bun it was a mere seven points. Very tasty. Tomorrow night, chicken, potatoes and vegetables are on the menu. I love cooking for my family - they don't seem to mind, and no one has died yet, so it must be working for them too!

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