Tuesday, September 25, 2007


A quiet day without access to a computer, so I tracked points manually. What a bore. I love the WW online tracker! Although I really enjoy travelling with hubby, I do miss the comforts of home.

One purchase I did make yesterday, was a set of tempered glass bowls, with storage lids. There is every size you could imagine, with duplicates of some sizes. I have a ton of Tupperware, but I really do prefer to use glass. Storage will be easy, as all of the bowls nest neatly, and I have just the spot for the storage lids!

My most recent taste treat is Wasa Fibre Rye - three of these tasty crispbreads are only 1 point, as they contain 90 calories and 7 grams of fibre. Truth be told, I think I really overdid the fibre today, though! But for three points, you can have three of these slathered with 2 T of Cheez Whiz. Num. I so enjoy the crunch, and when you have a good book, and a good snack? How can life get better?

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