Sunday, September 9, 2007

Air - and other basics....

The air is so rich here that it even feels thick! I find myself dozing off at nine o'clock in the evening, and sleep? Oh, can I sleep! The downside is that your appetite increases...everything tastes so good you can not resist a morsel. Thank goodness for Flex points!

Tonight we were presented with a choice of chicken or beef shish kabobs barbecued to perfection. You can't blame me for harbouring this moment of maternal pride, because this is the boy that ate cold creamed corn...right out of the can, when he first moved out on his own! The same kid that wouldn't eat a crumb while we were out, so he wouldn't have to clean the kitchen! And here he is, all testosterone and facial hair, capable of cooking with fire. Of course when another certain someone is a fine baker and you are also offered pineapple cake for dessert, you have the two most important food groups covered. All in all, this day was extraordinary in that it was just an ordinary Sunday. The moments, I will treasure forever, but the calories? Will vanish into thick air!

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