Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thursday's Treat

Was coffee and an apple fritter from Tim's. How did we live without these shops on every corner? There is something so sociable about sharing a coffee and a donut...the only problem is, that at my age, it isn't the wisest thing to do after eight in the evening! Ah well. Well worth it! The bready, gooey, sugary freshness was well worth the six Flex points I had to forfeit! Other than that, today was totally uneventful...except for the almonds. I read somewhere that twelve almonds a day were very good for weight last night, while toasting some for the salad, I made some ahead for snacking today. Big mistake. So, right next to my breakfast points, were the points for 30 almonds! Don't try this at home, kids. They are addictive when toasted, and lightly sprinkled with Kosher salt!

Salt is my nemesis. My cravings are usually for salty things, sometimes for vinegary things, and once in awhile for chocolate. Although, I really think that is a "fat" craving, more than a sugar craving. We have a couple of boxes of the 100 calorie chocolate bars that have remained untouched for weeks in the pantry. But whatever the craving may be for, with Flex points, I can indulge, and ward off a major plunge into the pool of BINGE that is totally unavoidable when you deny cravings! This lifestyle thing is quite the concept, I must say.

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