Friday, September 28, 2007

Tummy Ache

Should have known better than to go out for lunch yesterday. What is with restaurant meals that make me feel soooooo crappy? No pun intended, but well placed.

We shared a clubhouse sandwich, with side salad and a bowl of chicken noodle soup....we are one of those couples that are irritating to eat with, because we are constantly swapping plates! We find that sharing works out so much better for us. We each had half of the sandwich - I took ten fries, and used the "fork dip" method to eat my share of salad with Thousand Island dressing. As for the soup? He loves the noodles, and I love the broth. But something in all of that just didn't agree with me. Probably the salt content was a little too high....sure tasted good though!

We bought a couple of apples for our morning snack, and will just make a couple of turkey sandwiches for lunch, so we won't have to slow down to scavenge for food. Of course, there will be the mandatory bathroom breaks, but that takes a lot less time than standing in line for food.

I really wish all hotels were as convenient as this one. Nice little kitchenette, separate bedroom, and a little dressing room with "his" and "her" closet spaces, plus the living room. Excellent shower, too. We love having such a simple little "home", and always come away wondering why we even bother having a house! Maybe it is time to get a condo apartment, so we could just turn the key and not worry about yard or all of the stuff you need to concern yourself with when you have a house. I wonder what the other old people would say, though when I wanted to blast Led Zeppelin at four in the morning? We are so at sixes and sevens about what to do with ourselves. We have been in our house for over eleven years now...the longest either of us have lived in one place - a bit of a record, actually. One of these days, we will stumble onto a place, formulate a plan, and then it will be time to make a move.

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