Saturday, September 8, 2007

Gone are the days...

that shopping north of 55 meant a trip to the Hudson's Bay Store! Today my dil and I spent a pleasant morning going to Wal-mart and yes, The Brick. We ended the excursion with a bowl of soup at Tim Horton's. (love those little packages of crackers! It is only .5 point for two saltines, so next time, I will ask for two packages and take a walk on the wild side!) The men were playing golf, and had dinner out at the club, so dil and I had a fine supper of fish, carrots and salad. This is one of the few places I have ever been that I actually enjoy water that is drawn right from the tap. Clear, clean and cold! There are so many reasons to love the north!


Anonymous said...

hey missy ... love your blog! wish i was there!

guess who???? lol

no, that's not fair - it's me, Patti (your new buddy from Flin Flon ...)

I`ve only read a few of your blogs - will spend more time another day, but just gotta say you are a hoot!


IM said...

Hey Patti! How nice to not be talking to myself...I get enough of that in my "real" life! Hope to stay to continue the adventures in WW with me!