Saturday, September 8, 2007

The Car Trip - Friday, All Day

There is something about sitting in a car for close to eight hours that drives one to munching. I am totally amazed that I made it through yesterday by using only 12 extra points. Of course with all that activity you work it off...hmmmm I guess not. At any rate it is coming off my Flex point total for the week, so whatever. I did try out the Thinsations Oreo. I am not really a cookie fan at the best of times, but there were a lot of them, which kept me busy for a few kilometers. Other than that it was standard car snackage...Diet Coke, Lay's All Dressed chips, an apple...wait a minute, how did that get in there? Lunch was a Club Sub from Subway, so I had the Tide Pen in use during the first hour or so eliminating the "drippage" stains....activity points maybe?

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