Sunday, September 30, 2007

Looking back....

it has been over three months since I began my journey, never thinking it would work, because how in the world could you eat like this and lose weight, when starving my whole life hadn't worked? But it does. At that time, I resolved to be patient (not one of my virtues) and be happy with a loss of five pounds a month, which, according to the WW examples, was not only possible, but the "average". The only thing I had to lose at the time was a weight gain. But, miracle of miracles? I began to lose. Presently? I have made my three month goal loss, and may even exceed it by the third of October - the official three month anniversary.

At first it was difficult to remember to eat so often during the day, and frankly, it seemed soooo wrong to eat before I went to sleep. But, I followed the rules faithfully. No calorie is too insignificant, no bite, no lick, not even a touch to the lips went unrecorded. I mean, really, I must have been eating to gain that weigh, right? So I must be doing it subconsciously or something. Nope. Always a faithful reader of labels, I found a few areas to "tweak" when it came to choices, but sometimes, I pick the "bad" choice. Cool Whip "light" is five calories less than regular! What the heck, I will blow the 40 calories and enjoy the dance with the devil!

One of many miracles is being able to eat a bowl of cereal again, after discovering Splenda. It has been years since I could enjoy a bowl of Bran Flakes because I couldn't tolerate the sugar! What a treat! Now, I am thinking porridge may be possible? I checked the Splenda "brown sugar" and it seems to be regular brown sugar mixed half and half with regular Splenda. I figure, I can do that by sprinkling on the Splenda for the sweet, and a tablespoon of brown sugar for the "look". First snow, I will let you know how it works.

I have never been much for sweets, but how I love my salt! There are so many low cal options for a salt "hit" available that this hasn't been a problem at all. My favourite snack was always a little bag of Doritos, and it still is! Sometimes two, because I have so many points to burn up in a day! I realize that this will not be the case as the pounds drop, but there are so many obvious things I could eliminate from my diet that I have added since starting the program...they weren't there before and just joined the list to use up points.

I have never used my activity points, though. But, who knows? Maybe when I am able to don a pink spandex outfit and change my name to Buffy, I just may try the exercise thing...

Until then, I am happy to be who I am, where I am, and working the program. A little less than 92 weeks to go. Whoo HOOO!


Connie said...

Congratz on your anniversary! You are doing amazing. I love keeping up with what and how you're doing. Gives me encouragement for when I finally start my journey!

Looking forward to seeing less of you in November! Who knows, maybe I'll dredge up some spandex from my closet and we'll go exercise can call my 'Huffy' cuz that's what I'll probably be doing...huffin n puffin! Keep up the good work my friend!

IM said...

Thanks Connie! I appreciate your positive "energies"! Do you think it would be legal to appear in spandex? EVER? LOL