Friday, August 31, 2007

Pink Lady

Pink Lady. A 'new to me' apple that we bought at Costco yesterday. They come in an unusual plastic casing that keeps them from harm, and what beauties they are! I had one for breakfast this morning - very little core, and sweet firm flesh. So good! There is something about fall, and the smell of apples that just makes you feel that life is worth living.

We have been really busy with one thing and another, so this is about as exciting as it gets in the food department this week. It feels good to settle into a rhythm of food shopping, prep and meals that feels so comfortable. I must say I am getting used to having this many "feedings" during the day, and although it is a nuisance sometimes, I like the results!

The weekend will be warm in Winnipeg they say, so we are looking forward to spending a lot of time entertaining on the new deck. Eleven years we have been in this house, and I never felt the need to sit outside as much as we do now! I usually can't wait for the cooler weather, but this year, I have been chilly even on July evenings. Cardigans have become a necessity. What is next? Grey hair that grows in like a poodle's?

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