Saturday, August 25, 2007

Who'd think...

you could eat a hamburger that was soooooooooooo juicy and good, and not go off the rails? Last night, we tried the PC Blue Menu Burgers - get this, as a SNACK! My nearest and dearest forgot to take out the pork tenderloin, so supper was a bit sparse...cheese toast and ministrone soup - it just wasn't enough to keep the grumblies away. On the way home from furniture shopping, we picked up some of these beauties and threw them on the barbecue. They were soooooo good! With a Wonder Bun (may spring for a larger bun next time, as there was sooooooooo much meat and I do love those sesame seeds on the top!) the total points? 7. Yep. 7. A Big Mac is 13, and not nearly as good as this was for just a little over half the points! What amazes me most, is that I had almost enough points to cover this major snack without digging into my weekly Flex points - I ended the day only two points over, easily covered by FLEX points. (I have 29 of those beauties left to burn by next Wednesday morning when a whole new batch is dropped from heaven! )

As life unfolds on this program, I am appreciating more and more that it is a lifestyle change. Never before would I sit down to a burger at nine in the evening, let alone enjoy it without one shred of guilt. Now that is a change you can live with!

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