Monday, August 20, 2007

Life in the fast lane?

First day of holidays, and what does the man do? Plans a doctor's appointment. Talk about taking a walk on the wild side! This should prove to be an interesting week. We have a million things to do around the house, and of course, his plan to blow an entire day tomorrow taking the car to the garage for brake work really thrilled me, too. Did I mention it was a company car? Isn't there a rule that says company cars get fixed on company time? Ah well. Best to go with the flow. But I am not forgetting this!

Saturday evening we went to dinner. The food was okay, and of course our dinner companions were entertaining, but the next day I had a three pound gain, just from the salt, I am sure. All but .6 of that is gone, thank goodness, but I hate the awful bloated feeling. I stayed within my points + Flex of course, but it was a warning for me. It is so easy just to eat what is put in front of me 'just this once", and even though you can afford something 'points wise', it sure isn't a good idea to eat it! Lesson learned. It is definitely not worth feeling like that for two days after one meal! We have decided that in the future, we are going to focus on going somewhere and doing something rather than going somewhere and eating something! Date night won't be the same! And that is a good thing.

The plan for today:
Breakfast: Lazy day, so ate lunch at ten thirty....started the day with the breakfast of dogs!

Lunch: Two Top Dog Hotdogs complete with Wonder Buns

Supper: Baked halibut and chips, romaine salad with cucumber slices and light dressing

Snacks: apples (from Lisa's tree) & pretzels, nectarines, plums

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