Saturday, August 11, 2007

Food to Go

My digestive system has never allowed me to eat in restaurants for extended periods of time without rebelling in one way or another (wink, wink, nudge, nudge, know what I mean?) so there has always been a reason to limit our restaurant visits while travelling. Following the WW program shouldn't pose too much of a problem while we are away - as long as I can get to a computer to tally up points for the day, it should work out just fine. After five weeks on the program, I have a pretty good idea what I can eat, and how often!

However, in anticipation of our holidays, I am making a list of "Hotel Foods" - basic ideas for foods that will keep us on program while away from our own kitchen. We always try to get a room with a kitchenette or at the very least a frig, micro and coffee maker. We also carry the basic utensils in our trusty cooler bag. This list consists of a sharp knife, can opener, cutting board, micro safe cups, plates, knives, cutlery, tea, coffee, salt & pepper, condiments. And of course paper towels and lots of bottled water. (See sentence #1 of this post!)

It is interesting to shop at different markets wherever we may be, picking fresh foods for the day depending on our whims. Strawberries in Charlottetown, lettuce in Seattle, fudge in Edinbourgh and mushrooms in Vancouver are as memorable as the places themselves! We vary eating one meal a day out - over the course of the weekend, we will usually eat lunch out the first day, supper the second day, and breakfast the third day. Or not! To tell you the truth, when you look at the points involved in eating out, it is like walking into a mine field, so we just may try to enjoy our "room food" rather than blowing the points out of the water! Keeping things loose is part of the fun of holidaying, but staying well enough to enjoy it is most important of all . I don't anticipate much change in our travel menu. Here is a mix of the usual items we depend on - if you have any suggestions I really would appreciate your input!

All Bran cereal with skim milk
Rotisserie Chicken - bag salad - low cal dressing (the chicken easily stretches for a full supper, a bagged lunch and hubby's snack attacks while watching Nick at Night south of the border!)
Low Cal bread for sandwiches (sliced lean meat or tomato are simple but tasty)
Canned soup & Triscuits heated with cheese in the micro
Bush's Beans
Microwaved potatoes with cottage cheese
Fresh berries or canned peaches mixed with cottage cheese
Cauliflower, baby carrots, snap peas to dip in the low cal dressing
Sliced oranges, apples, grapes, bananas & pretzels for TV snackage

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