Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Fooooood I need foooooood.....

Well so much for living vicariously. Guess it is time to make a proper meal! Yesterday, I 'gleaned' and stayed within points, but today? I just don't feel right. Time to go back to making proper meals! So much for my carefree walk on the wild side!

There is something to be said for a "meat and potatoes" type of meal. For one, the points on a meal like that are lower, and so much more filling! So, for supper, I will make a chicken breast, boil a potato and steam some baby carrots. Of course, a gravy that is made with no fat whatsoever and chicken broth tops it all perfectly. I can't get over how the gravy turns out like silk. For a tablespoon of flour and a couple cups or so of broth there is so much flavour! And leftovers! With a little bit of cheese, and oven baked potatoes, it could conceivably be recycled into poutine, too. Now there's a thought. I still haven't used all of my flex points this week, but I just haven't felt the need for them. The daily points are quite sufficient at this point, but I hear it gets scary at the 'skinny' end of the chain! But, there again, the points melt away gradually, as does the weight, and a lower weight requires fewer calories. Another bonus is, that as you get skinny, you get more active, so I guess it all works out.

Wouldn't it be grand to be able to predict what your weight loss would be and when you would reach certain weights? I made a spreadsheet of sorts, to get a general idea of how long it will take before reaching certain weights. I wanted to get a general feel of how to budget for new clothing, and see where I will be at coming events. There is a "Barefoot Caribbean Cruise" on a sailing ship coming up next May that I will need to have new clothes for....my summer things are already showing "bag lady" tendencies! If I work on the premise that I can lose five pounds a month, it gives me a general idea. Although I do realize that sometimes that just may not happen. The rate has been somewhat better than that for these first two months, but I am not optimistic enough to think that rate will last forever!

I am curious to know when I won't have to shop at the Plus-sized stores. Sizes have changed so much over the years, it is next to impossible for me to try to guess when that may be. What we really need in the marketplace is standardized sizing. However, that being said, I really don't want to go back to the good old days, when a size sixteen was pretty much the largest size available, and fit a figure with a 36" bust! The good old days weren't so good, trust me! As things begin to "hang" I am going to discard them. I clean my closet at least four times a year now, to get rid of things that I just don't like anymore, but I still have a pretty full closet! They say that you use 20% of the clothing you have at any given point, and I am inclined to agree with that statistic. No matter how many things I may own, that fit, and look good, I find that I return to a few favourites that I wear consistently. Basically, I need very few clothes to get by, and for each season a small capsule wardrobe will be sufficient. A couple of dresses, a basic set of coordinating skirt, pants, jacket and tops will do quite nicely. I don't have to worry about 'saving' them, because hopefully, they won't be in use for that long, so pricey "investment" purchases won't be necessary. It will be quite convenient too, to be able to get dressed in a minute because I won't be facing a lot of choices! I am hoping that I can squeak by this winter with what I have, but if not? It won't be an entirely unpleasant thing to go shopping for smaller sizes, will it?

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