Friday, August 10, 2007


Yesterday's culinary highlight was corn on the cob done in the microwave, then finished on the grill. Wow. That is an idea I will use when we have company this weekend. Loved the look of the brown bits on the cob! Every once in a while, you have to feed the inner carnivore so I also made myself a good 6 oz steak. Brushed it with a little Tony Roma's sauce toward the end of cooking time, and it was mm mmm good!

Tonight's dinner will involve some ground chicken that I bought last grocery trip. Thought I would try some meatballs and gravy. A "take" on the meatballs they serve at Ikea stores, with lingonberries. I wish Winnipeg had an Ikea, just for the lingonberries! They are like cranberries on steroids. As Saskatoon berries are to blueberries, lingonberries are to cranberries. Just better. I haven't calculated the points yet, but I am sure they are worth every single fraction!

Gravy is so easy to make low fat...chicken broth and a bit of browned flour, and a teaspoon of butter in a Teflon pan. I don't even know why I bother with the butter, but it just seems wrong not to have a little fat in there! Over a four portion recipe, it adds so few calories, but I still account for it by shorting my portion just a little! And of course, tiny potatoes are a necessity!

Since I eat five times a day now, it becomes challenging. For lunch today, I sliced 'Fred the lone potato' I bought yesterday, into super thin slices, sprayed lightly with Pam, sprinkled the slices with onion powder and in thirteen minutes? 4 ounces of LUNCH! Ketchup was extra, but looks pretty good for 2.5 points, wouldn't you say? The thinner ones that I prefer, get nice and crispy like a hot potato chip, and the thicker ones taste like french fries. So simple, but so easy to eat! I have cut diet pop down to once a day, but a glass of sparkling lime went great with these!

I am still nibbling away at the sauerkraut salad. They say that eating sauerkraut every day boosts your immune system, and that you won't get colds or flu's as easily. My 'earthy' power of discernment tells me that you don't get sick simply because people stop getting close enough to you to give you their germs! Life is so much safer when enveloped by a protective 'sauerkraut' cloud!


jo said...

you must send me the recipe for the salad. It looks very good.
What is the point count on it?
Thanks a bunch.


IM said...

0 absolutely 0 points!

The receipe is further down the page under August 3. Enjoy!