Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The SCALE...

showed my first ten pound loss on this program! Whoo HOOOO! I was beginning to think that it had stalled forever, but nope! It really did move for me this morning. It is so incredibly hard for me to believe that you can eat so well, and actually lose weight. This really does work! Today I am going to order that "Tiffany Inspired" silver bracelet I have been eyeing on the web. I want something really meaningful engraved on it, so I asked for suggestions on the WW board, and some pretty good ideas came up. "Keep Going Fat Arse" tickled my funnybone and has the right sentiment, but I wouldn't feel completely comfortable wearing it in all situations!

It is another day in Pointville!

Breakfast: Sprouted Wheat toast & butter, peanut butter, 2 eggs, milk

Lunch: 9 oz baked potato and 1/2 cup cottage cheese, green beans

Supper: Ravioli with tomato sauce, 2 oz lean steak, Caesar salad - raspberries and topping for dessert

Snacks: 1 turkey pepperoni, 1 Laughing Cow cheese and 2 multiseed Susie's Flatbread, V8

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