Monday, August 27, 2007

Good news Monday

Back to normal after a good weekend. We had company for breakfast on Saturday morning, and company for supper Saturday night. Sunday, we totally relaxed and did NOTHING after the morning meeting! Hubby left for parts east this morning, so I have the next three days to do whatever I want. That usually means making a mess in one area of the house or another, all in the name of cleaning! It passes the time, and feeds my compulsive desire for order. Works for me!

This morning I was shocked to see the scale drop. Yesterday I was a total slug, had burgers (plural) for lunch, and mac & cheese for supper. Two bags of ketchup chips kept the grumblies away while vegging (mostly snoozing, to be honest!) in front of the television during the evening. The only vegetables were the onions on the burgers, and the pickled beets that are mandatory with the PC White Cheddar Mac & Cheese! ( 8 points per cup, if you put in 1/8 cup of butter instead of 1/4 cup, and eat 1/3 of whole thing) All of that debauchery used up my daily points PLUS 8.5 of my Flex points, but it was lovely! The miracle of this program is that you can do things like that without any guilt. It would almost look like you are rewarded for it. The scale won't budge for days, and when you go over the top? It is almost guaranteed that the numbers finally drop. Who'd a thunk?

So, today my plan is simple. I don't have one. When I am on my own, I tend to eat only when starving. I get involved in something, and simply forget to eat, since there isn't any whining for nourishment to distract me from the task at hand. There are five pounds of plums sitting on the kitchen island, so I think fruit will make up the majority of points for the next few days. Nature's fast food!

I confess that am a social eater. I hate eating by myself. Eating is a primal thing. Experienced best with a companion. And although I am capable of feeding myself well, I much prefer to feed someone else, and eat with them! While the man is away, I arrange to share at least a couple meals with friends. But, if push comes to shove, I will make a turkey pepperoni and mushroom "pizza" using a tortilla base for myself. That is easy to eat in front of a computer screen so I can socialize online, at least!

Getting enough sleep seems to make a difference in the rate of my weight loss. Does that make sense? I do notice that after the nights that I sleep longer, the scale moves down. It might have something to do with water retention, but whatever it is, I think it is a good plan to aim for longer nights and a regular bed time. You would think that by the time you were pushing sixty that you would have a handle on these basic functions, but no. Life becomes even more of a mystery.

The belief that old people have wisdom is merely another "urban legend" with as much credibility as the story about "the hook" or "the hitchhiker". I have met children with wisdom of the ages, and I have seen the aged with the wisdom of a bag of hammers. Just goes to show, that age is just a measurement of the time you have stuck around the planet, not a gauge of intelligence or character! There is never a point where there is not a need to progress.

And so ends week 7 of this segment of my journey.

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