Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Can you say Reuben?

Today, I invited myself to lunch at my friend's house. We were going through her wardrobe of oh so tiny clothes now that she is oh so tiny again, and worked up a not so tiny appetite! You know? It is funny how I never noticed that she had any significant weight to lose, until she lost it. That is how it is with little people. They kind of pass under your nose, and you don't notice anything much more than the tops of their heads! She does have great hair, by the way. But, one day, there they stand in front of you, in their newly shrunken state, and whoa! Where did you go? And more importantly, can I come too?

Anyway, she made me the most delicious lunch I have had in ages! So full of flavour - a real Oktoberfest in your mouth! And to top it all off? She served it with baked potato chips on the side. That was just decadent, if you ask me! I wish I had my camera to take a picture, because it was my "first" Reuben ever. Who would have thought to put sauerkraut on bread?(the rest of the world, but did I mention I don't get out much?) Armed with all the cautions and details of construction, I stopped off at the grocery store, and bought everything necessary to build this monumental bit of goodness at home. Fat Free Swiss Cheese, Montreal Smoked Meat and light rye bread - plus a few more items I am looking forward to experimenting with over the next few days. Can you say shrimp skewers, haddock and fries? As I was saying, the whole incredible lunch including a tasty lemon cookie and lots of coffee came to only 7 points! My version, which I chose to repeat for supper since hubby is out of town, is only five as you see it. By the way? The dills give the needed complimentary crunch - not as good as the chips, but hey! They are no pointers!

So, to "you know who you are" thank you for forging ahead through so many of life's mazes, and showing me the way. For that, I am forever thankful. Give a woman a sandwich and you feed her a meal. Give her instructions, and you feed her for a lifetime!

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you know who said...

I confess that I am the one who introduced you to ruebens. I could have left out the chips but it was lunch no harm done, only 3 points for a bowl full. Keep up the great work and continue to send me your great recipes.