Thursday, August 23, 2007

Thursday - already?

I must say, this hasn't been one of our more exciting vacation weeks.

Yesterday, the man decided to clean and rearrange the garage. So, this morning we have a pile, in the middle of the garage, rather than stacked haphazardly around the perimeter. We will drag everything back out into the driveway, and hopefully sort through it all, to give each 'keeper' it's special space...but so many things have just outworn their welcome, and are just no longer necessary. I noticed that the GT Racer was gone from the curb this morning. When your child is 24, and living miles away, do we really need to keep the super sled from 1987? I don't think he will miss it....or the scooter, or the pool noodles, or the Louisville Slugger baseball bat, or the bright blue bicycle helmet that he hated wearing ....I keep telling my hubby that if we haven't used it in the last couple of years, what are the chances we will ever need it again?And we aren't penniless. We can buy a new whatever! Of course, this goes against every Scottish molecule of his being! We never mention that this may be his way of holding on to his little boy. We can't go there, or the dinosaur cookie cutter may be jeopardized......

Breakfast: All Bran, skim milk
Lunch: Smoked turkey, tomato and cheese sandwich and a diet pop
Supper: potatoes cut into chips coated with 1 T oil (for two!) and oven baked, chicken breast with extra crispy Shake & Bake, mixed veg and beet pickle slices, tea and sympathy
Snacks: Rice Krispie Square, yogurt, pretzels and orange slices

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