Thursday, August 16, 2007

PINCH ME!!! I must be dreaming! 5 weeks down, 99 to go .....

Believe it or not, this is my lunch!

Three slices of smoked turkey, one sliced tomato, a Kraft cheese slice (a real one! NOT fat-free) and a tablespoon of Hellman's light layered between two slices of tasty sprouted wheat bread. Sixteen Kettle Baked chips add a nice crunch on the side. I weigh, and measure, and check it all twice to make sure there is no mistake. For five weeks now, I have been absolutely delighted to be able to eat like this - and if that isn't enough? As a bonus, you even lose weight!

Now, tell me again, what is there to complain about? And this is not all of my lunch, either! I am still sipping on the V8 drink, and have a strawberry yogurt waiting for me in the kitchen! I just can not believe this is possible, yet, the scales told me yesterday that I am down 10 + pounds! It took me four years to lose twenty pounds, eating far less, less often.

Maybe it is all the chewing and food prep that I am doing that is burning the calories? I sort of stalled there for awhile, and was having problems with sugar levels being too low, but when I increased my dairy, and dropped some of the fat free items for their fatter counterparts, the scale moved downwards. This defies all logic, but who am I to argue?

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