Friday, August 24, 2007

Getting out of the house...or not....

It has been an entire week of project after project! The deck skirting is on, a years worth of basil pesto is in the freezer and the garage is now a thing of beauty. There is not a scrap of laundry in sight to be done. I have been chained to the house but I am amazed at my ability to spend money without opening the door!

I really love online shopping! No lines, no hassles...and the best part is, that your purchase is delivered right into your hands. My mail person is a bit miffed about the number of deliveries to our house, but mehhhhh. Deal with it!

Over the years I have discovered that pretty much everything you need in life eventually can be purchased at Costco, or online. The rest goes onto a list to be bought "whenever", which around here, is more like WHEN??? NEVER! I sooooo hate shopping. There are too many choices, and none of them ever seem to be exactly what I want. Usually we end up buying the least offensive thing, and not being happy with it at all. So, my mindset now is, that 'nothing' is better than the 'wrong thing', so I hope that eventually I will find what I want, need, and yes, love. Life is too short to compromise.

Back to the delivery that arrived this morning. It was a tiny wallet that holds all of my credit cards, money and driver's license in the smallest configuration imaginable! I can slip this little number into a pocket, and leave my purse at home. Which, when you think of it, really borders on heresy for a purse fanatic. But the thought of being able to use both hands and save my back was so appealing! As a result, I am ready to shop today - hands free! Maybe it will be more pleasant. In the same package, came a dandy little "Rubba Scrubba" brush...silicone bristles that are purported to dig out dirt like no other! I have a never ending battle with the line between baseboards and carpet, so I am hoping that this recent gift from modern science will help me win at least one battle if not the war! I realise this has absolutely nothing to do with being on program, but it is all part of my general mental health and well being. If you can buy a smile with a wallet and a 'Rubba Scrubba', why not?

Back to food. This morning, I tried the Simply Whites from Costco in a mushroom omelet. Not bad at all. Not appealing to the eye at all though...sort of made me think that Dr. Seuss was inspired to right Green Eggs and Ham after his wife presented him with an egg white mushroom omelet. A sickly greenish hue, possibly from the mushrooms.....but tasty, and so convenient! If you have a flavourful filling, you really don't need the richness of the egg yolks, and it is somewhat kinder on your points to use just the whites. The important part of eggs in the morning for me, is the protein. The bonus? Very little space required to store 32 egg whites in the refrigerator! Two small cartons in a package (contain 16 whites each) were about 3.99 at Costco, as I recall.

So, off we go into the day.

Breakfast: omelet, milk, Prebiotic toast - if you haven't tasted the barley and sunflower, you haven't lived. So worth two points a slice, for more reasons than one! Wink, wink, nudge, nudge. Love that fibre.
Lunch: Top Dogs - Whoo Hoo! Mystery meat! yogurt
Supper: roast pork tenderloin, potatoes, tomatoes, cream-style corn, raspberries & cool whip for dessert
Snacks: plums, orange, Smart Pop Mini,

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