Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Honeymoon is Over

What a lazy day! Sun is shining, birds are singing, and my bum is glued to this chair!

We are having good friends over for a barbecue today, so I have to go light on breakfast and lunch! It is becoming increasingly difficult to deal with the low blood sugars that are a result of the diabetes meds - how do you factor in emergency feedings at four in the morning when you wake up with the shakes? I am going to try to compensate for it throughout today, but if I can't, it will be the first time I haven't stayed within my points range since I started the program, thanks to the Flex points. Bummer. But, better to raise the sugars and live, than to lower the weight by death! And, I am going to see if that medication dosage can be tuned down a bit to avoid the crashes.

Breakfast: After that 'four o'clock feeding' of a smoked turkey and cheese sandwich with a sizable piece of angel food cake, I actually blew off the most important meal of the day. Just wasn't hungry, and I am still "high" enough! Ah, the connotations to a child of the sixties...however, since I am now a child approaching sixty, it has taken on a completely different meaning....

Lunch: Hmmmmm. Just may be getting a bit peckish by then. Time to break into the imagination for a very low point lunch...depends on what the machine dictates though! The only thing I can't skimp on today is the protein. I really don't want to blow the points for the day, though, so maybe with a good serving of grilled veggies and a PC Shrimp skewer..... hmmm that sounds good. And there are some fresh raspberries calling my name in the frig, too! My new friend Splenda makes them so appealing!

Supper: By five, I should be hungry enough to really enjoy my steak, half of a mini baguette from Costco - cutest little beggars you ever did see - Caesar salad, grilled veggies, and mixed berries with whipped cream (AKA Cool Whip!) only, since I have already had my slice of the angel food cake! LOL You know? I just may make it! But I have a brand new appreciation for those that go through life with a points allowance of twenty a day.

There are some changes I am determined to make, starting now. The first five weeks on program have been a party for me because of the 'forbidden' foods I have been able to indulge in guilt free! They may have been guilt free, but not without repercussions. Funny thing is, now that I know I can have them? I don't really feel the need to choose them. Guess the honeymoon is over. I read an article this morning that was extolling the virtues of consuming three servings of dairy each day to maximise your weight loss. I must admit, that since I started this program, I haven't always done that. Although following the diabetic diet is good for regulating your sugars, it does nothing to make numbers on the scale drop. It has been far too easy to substitute Doritos for skim milk on the Flex plan! But, I am going to make an effort to heed this advice in the future. Another thing I haven't been doing, is adding the oils that I need - apparently another common mistake newbies make.

I must say that I have absolutely no problem drinking copious amounts of water! Love the stuff. World of Water water is the best way to go for me. Although I know city water is safe, I just don't find it as appealing as distilled water. And since I do take a daily supplement, the minerals are covered!

Ah, the joys of feeding me!

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