Thursday, September 18, 2008

What a wonderful day in the neighbourhood...

A friend and I went to lunch at Bellamy's today. I had a great Greek Salad, and a piece of garlic toast. LOVED it! I am always leery of new restaurants, but I thoroughly enjoyed my lunch. I wasn't sure which size to order, but it turned out to be just right to have the appetizer size. It was a small plate, heaped with goodness.

Then, it was off to Costco for restocking of the fruit. This is something like changing of the guard but without the neat music. ( Q Liz has more money than I do, and can affort to buy her guys fancy hats AND musical instruments) So, now with the frig stuffed with goodness, I have no excuse to look elsewhere for nurishment. The small plums were on for 5.99 for five pounds, so that alone will keep us noshing for a good long time.

As for progress on the house? The baseboards have been installed in the guest room, signifying the completion of that room. Now all it needs is some furniture and I will be able to "move in" with all the nicities of life. Like the bedding, lamps, you know the drill. It is a lovely shade of bile green...swamp green...rather putrid but attractive none the less. It is one of those colours that fall between the lines. I quite like it!

This weekend we hope to get the living room painted completely, and dare I hope for the kitchen? Of course that means going to find paint. I have a feeling we might be short a gallon of the living room colour anyway, so two birds with one stone...

As for the food? Totally out of control. Our dear friend cooked us supper tonight...lamb chops (OH NOOOOOOO! Love 'em!) and ravioli with homemade pesto sauce. Fresh strawberries for dessert and a tossed salad. MMMMM good! Best meal we have had since the last time he fed us!

So, that was my day.

Breakfast: eggs, toast, milk, coffee
Lunch: Greek Salad, garlic bread (1 slice)
Supper: lamb chops, tossed salad, asparagus (roasted) ravioli & pesto, strawberries for dessert. AND fresh, fresh, fresh, Mediterranian bread....oh my...
Snack: double up on the Fennel tea! I am going to need it!

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