Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Now here is an interesting lunch...

And is it ever filling! Of course, if you were a balanced individual you would not pack away as many crackers, but what the heck! There aren't many meals you can prepare in a kitchen that is holding most of the furniture from a three bedroom house! But, I can open the door to the frig, and get a knife out of the drawer! I had Premium Plus crackers with Peppadew Hummas by Sabros. Oh my. I had two helpings of each, which was 18 crackers and 4 T of hummus. For 300 calories, I feel better, and more satisfied than after eating that devil burger yesterday. That was 563 calories PLUS the chips, and trust me, it wasn't as good as today's lunch. I came home from my quarterly visit to the doctor, with the assurance that I was doing great. At least one man in my life is pleased with me! My sugars are at 6.2 (averaged over time) which is quite the accomplishment! This journey is all about health, and of course fitting into a Cotton Ginny denim skirt.

Breakfast: eggs, toast & butter, milk, coffee
Lunch: whole wheat saltines, hummus
Supper: again, a mystery meal
Snacks: prunes, oranges

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